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The Great Thing About a Small Town

We live in a small town in central Kansas and let me tell you that while there are some draw backs there are many wonderful things about it.  Yes we live 30 miles from a “big” town where there is … Continue reading

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First Day of Pre-K

  This year Cooper is attending Pre-K which is a cross between kindergarten and preschool.  So far he is loving it.    So this was his serious picture. And the crazy picture.    Then a serious picture with his best … Continue reading

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I happened to catch Cooper and Rozalin at play the other day and I just had to chuckle.  Rozalin seems to think that all of Coopers farm toys are ride on toys and the hay wagon was no exception.  Cooper … Continue reading

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First Jack O’ Lantern

This year Cooper got to carve his first Jack O Lantern.  Grandpa Bob was here one weekend and he decided to teach Cooper how to carve a Jack O Lantern. Scott and Grandpa Bob began the process with Cooper watching … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Four adults and six kids aged four and under take on the pumpkin patch.  The big kids getting measured.  It is amazing how much they have grown.  The first year we went the boys were 1 year old and Macy … Continue reading

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