The Great Thing About a Small Town

We live in a small town in central Kansas and let me tell you that while there are some draw backs there are many wonderful things about it.  Yes we live 30 miles from a “big” town where there is a Target, a movie theatre, restaurants that are not considered fast food, craft supply store, etc…  And while this may seem inconvenient, let me tell you about our great little town.  This is a town where people wave to each other, every body knows your name (or knows you as “so and so’s” mom).  You can feel safe if your kids want to play in the yard after dinner while you clean up the kitchen.  Your neighbor is available to help you out or provide a cup of sugar. 

In our little town every fall there are some things that just kick up that little town feeling a notch.  Always in conjunction with fire safety week our Volunteer, yes you read that right, Volunteer fire department host fire truck rides for the kids in the community.  All these great guys and their spouses and kids come together to teach all the children about fire safety.  They open the doors wide on the fire house and invite everyone in.  No one is turned away and all through town you can hear the laughter mixed with the sirens of the fire trucks as they drive up and down the streets of town giving rides to the kids and their families.  These are men and women who already worked a full day but are still willing to give up their evening for the kids.  Not to mention that these same brave men drop every thing when the call goes out that there is a fire in the community to help put it out for next to no compensation.   They do it because it is the right thing to do and because they have a strong sense of responsibility to our community.  

As is tradition we attended the fire truck rides.  This was Rozalin’s first time but Cooper of course has done the ride several times.  He was excited and a little nervous.

IMG_4790  IMG_4792

IMG_4795  IMG_4793



We look forward to many more years of fire truck rides in our future.  And a great big thanks to these great men who volunteer their time for the rides and to help protect our community.



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