First Jack O’ Lantern

This year Cooper got to carve his first Jack O Lantern.  Grandpa Bob was here one weekend and he decided to teach Cooper how to carve a Jack O Lantern.


Scott and Grandpa Bob began the process with Cooper watching on. 


Cooper got a spoon and helped dig out the “yucky” insides.  He did not like touching the insides of the pumpkin. 


Grandpa Bob put the finishing touches on the insides of the pumpkin, and then Cooper inspected it to make sure it looked good.


Rozalin even tried to get in on the fun. 

IMG_2980  IMG_2981

We tried to set Rozalin in the pumpkin, but she did not like it.


Grandpa Bob with both Rozalin and Cooper creating the face of the Jack O Lantern.


Scott ran the knife while Cooper supervised.


Rozalin decided at this point that she was no longer interested in the Jack O Lantern and took off to explore.

Tractor Ride 10-12

This pictures I have a feeling will sum up my kids child hood.  I think their expressions say it all.


Rozalin decided to enjoy the ride and practice her paddy cake while Cooper just grinned.


Finally the Jack O Lantern is all done.  Grandpa Bob even got into the details and added eye brows for the Jack O Lantern.


Cooper then took the regular pumpkins on a ride.  Not nearly as fun as Rozalin but fun none the less.


Finally it was dark out and after Cooper’s bath he got to go outside and help Mommy light his Jack O Lantern on fire.  It was a tradition we continued until Halloween.

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