A “Onederful” First Birthday

In February we had a little celebration in honor of Rozalin when she turned one.  We invited family and had a birthday party and dinner.  I made The Pioneer Woman’s Brisket, salad and cake.  My mom made french bread and cheesy potatoe wedges. 

Roz 1st Bday 1

I made this outfit for Rozalin to wear and we decked the house out in pink.  We had balloons, tissue puffs, lanterns and garlands. 

Roz 1st Bday 2

Cooper even got into the spirit of the party.  He picked out his own outfit because he wanted to look “good” for the party.

Roz 1st Bday 3

As is typically the case Rozalin received way more than she required but she loved it all.  In the picture above Rozalin is opening a quilt that I made for her.  The front is scrap fabric from different projects in her room along with chennille and the back is minky fabric because she loves minky fabric. 

Roz 1st Bday 4

Rozalin had her own “smash” that was chocolate with pink icing. It was a miniature version of the big cake that I made for everyone else to eat.  Cooper was happy to give her tips on how best to dig into her cake.  She just wasn’t to sure about it. 

Roz 1st Bday 5

She got a spoon and lost some of her fear. 

Roz 1st Bday 6

Look at the control she has over that spoon.  Apparently to teach her to use utensils I should have her practice with chocolate cake.

Roz 1st Bday 7

Digging in for another bite.

Roz 1st Bday 8

At this point I was so glad that I had decided she could eat cake in just a diaper.  She went straight into the batch and then fresh jammies.  It was a fantastic first birthday for our little girl. 

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First Jack O’ Lantern

This year Cooper got to carve his first Jack O Lantern.  Grandpa Bob was here one weekend and he decided to teach Cooper how to carve a Jack O Lantern.


Scott and Grandpa Bob began the process with Cooper watching on. 


Cooper got a spoon and helped dig out the “yucky” insides.  He did not like touching the insides of the pumpkin. 


Grandpa Bob put the finishing touches on the insides of the pumpkin, and then Cooper inspected it to make sure it looked good.


Rozalin even tried to get in on the fun. 

IMG_2980  IMG_2981

We tried to set Rozalin in the pumpkin, but she did not like it.


Grandpa Bob with both Rozalin and Cooper creating the face of the Jack O Lantern.


Scott ran the knife while Cooper supervised.


Rozalin decided at this point that she was no longer interested in the Jack O Lantern and took off to explore.

Tractor Ride 10-12

This pictures I have a feeling will sum up my kids child hood.  I think their expressions say it all.


Rozalin decided to enjoy the ride and practice her paddy cake while Cooper just grinned.


Finally the Jack O Lantern is all done.  Grandpa Bob even got into the details and added eye brows for the Jack O Lantern.


Cooper then took the regular pumpkins on a ride.  Not nearly as fun as Rozalin but fun none the less.


Finally it was dark out and after Cooper’s bath he got to go outside and help Mommy light his Jack O Lantern on fire.  It was a tradition we continued until Halloween.

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A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch1

Four adults and six kids aged four and under take on the pumpkin patch. 

Pumpkin Patch4

The big kids getting measured.  It is amazing how much they have grown.  The first year we went the boys were 1 year old and Macy was seven weeks old. 

Pumpkin Patch 9

There are tons of things for the kids to do at the pumpkin patch. 

Pumpkin Patch 6Pumpkin Patch 8

Logan, Macy and Christy tried out the big slide.

Pumpkin Patch 5

Cooper just wanted to play in the sand box.

Pumpkin Patch 11

Rozalin and Becca hanging out in the stroller.

Pumpkin Patch 12

Little miss Emily taking a nap.

Pumpkin Patch 16


Pumpkin Patch15

This little one is so photogenic.  I swear I did not take a bad picture of Macy.

Pumpkin Patch 43

Cooper and Logan working together as a team.

Pumpkin Patch 38

Becca and Macy riding the bull.

Pumpkin Patch 52

Rozalin and Cooper roping.


Cooper and Logan milking the cow while Macy looks on.


Little miss Becca.


Trying to get a group shot is near impossible.


Every year we take the kids picture around this truck.  This year it was all decked out in K-State. 

We had a great trip to the pumpkin patch and everyone including the adults were wore out by the end of the day.


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Once again I am linking up my Instagram photos with Jeanette.

Headed to the pumpkin patch.  Two vehicle, six kids (oldest one age 4 youngest one 7 weeks), four adults, what could go wrong.

Cooper took a four hour nap when we arrived home from the pumpkin patch and then woke at 10 pm wanting supper and to play.  I finally got him to bed about 1 am.

Cooper and Grandpa Bob carving his very first jack 0’ lantern.

Rozalin trying to get my cell phone.

The Jack o’ Lantern all lit up.

Rozalin playing in the pots and pans.

Cooper eating a late night supper of a cheese roll, following a long day helping Uncle Andy cut corn.

Cooper helping out in Grandma’s office.

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Move over Steve Erwin

The other evening Cooper and the two neighbor boys came knocking on the front door.  They were dragging the neighbors cooler and needed to show me something and “Could you bring your camera?  We need you to take a picture.”  So I obliged, grabbed Rozalin, the camera and headed out the front door.

Frog 2

They posed next to the cooler for me to take there picture.


Then I peeked inside, to find their prize, a baby frog they had found in the yard.

Frog 3

I was informed that they were going to catch a whole bunch of frogs so they could sell them.  What ever happened to a lemonade stand?

Frog 4

At this point Levi had bailed on the frog project to talk to Rozalin who I had set down on the porch and Cooper was headed in that direction.  Lucas was steady on his care of the frog and their potential business however.

Frog 5

One movement from Lucas and Cooper freaked out.  He wasn’t going to touch that frog.

Frog 6

Finally frog back in cooler, Lucas, put aside all thoughts of selling frogs and decided to chat it up with Rozalin.

Frog 7

Yes that is Rozalin sitting up like a big girl next to the mound of beach towels I used to cover the mums to protect them from freeze.  She was not impressed with the frog. 

No need to worry the kids returned the frog to the wild.


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