Proud to Announce…

For years I have enjoyed sewing a crafty for myself, friends and family.  During that time I have been told often that I need to open a store to start selling my products.  And for years I have had the dream to make money from the products that I enjoy sewing.  This spring I was finally realized that dream.  I spent a big chunk of the spring sewing and at the first of the month I launched my online Etsy store Icing On Fabric.  You may also have noticed that I also changed the title of my blog. 

I also made a few products for a boutique that my aunt runs during a women’s conference. 

Eyeglass Cases

Sunglass/Eyeglass cases.  Perfect to protect your eye wear in your purse, beach bag, gym bag or your car’s console.  I always have one in my purse and one in the console of my car. 


Extra small zipped pouches.  There are lots of ways to use these zipped pouches: keep your ear buds in them to keep them from being tangled in the bottom of your purse or gym bag; coin purse; use to manage gift cards and store loyalty cards; throw your debit card and id in for a night on the town.  The possibilities are endless. 


I also whipped up some kitchen towels in black, red and white color scheme to go with the them and color pallet of the conference. 


Finally some daisy tea towels. 

I am thrilled to have my shop up and running and am working on new products everyday.  Please feel free to check in anytime to see new listings.  If you need anything special let me know I am happy to work up a custom product to meet your needs. 

You can follow me on Facebook at:  I will post shop updates there also. 

Please check it out and let me know what you think!



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One Response to Proud to Announce…

  1. Jayme Thiessen says:

    Anne ~

    I love what you’ve been working on. You are amazing. I should take some lessons from you. I guess for now I’ll just shop your store instead!

    Have a great week!

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