A “Onederful” First Birthday

In February we had a little celebration in honor of Rozalin when she turned one.  We invited family and had a birthday party and dinner.  I made The Pioneer Woman’s Brisket, salad and cake.  My mom made french bread and cheesy potatoe wedges. 

Roz 1st Bday 1

I made this outfit for Rozalin to wear and we decked the house out in pink.  We had balloons, tissue puffs, lanterns and garlands. 

Roz 1st Bday 2

Cooper even got into the spirit of the party.  He picked out his own outfit because he wanted to look “good” for the party.

Roz 1st Bday 3

As is typically the case Rozalin received way more than she required but she loved it all.  In the picture above Rozalin is opening a quilt that I made for her.  The front is scrap fabric from different projects in her room along with chennille and the back is minky fabric because she loves minky fabric. 

Roz 1st Bday 4

Rozalin had her own “smash” that was chocolate with pink icing. It was a miniature version of the big cake that I made for everyone else to eat.  Cooper was happy to give her tips on how best to dig into her cake.  She just wasn’t to sure about it. 

Roz 1st Bday 5

She got a spoon and lost some of her fear. 

Roz 1st Bday 6

Look at the control she has over that spoon.  Apparently to teach her to use utensils I should have her practice with chocolate cake.

Roz 1st Bday 7

Digging in for another bite.

Roz 1st Bday 8

At this point I was so glad that I had decided she could eat cake in just a diaper.  She went straight into the batch and then fresh jammies.  It was a fantastic first birthday for our little girl. 

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1 Response to A “Onederful” First Birthday


    Cute pictures of Rozi on her birthday. Are you letting her hair grow long so that she can have “hair stuff” in her hair? It’s kind of in that “in-between” stage. I think she sure looks like Scott sometimes, but then again like you!! ☺
    Cute pictures Colleen, I mean Anne!

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