Move over Steve Erwin

The other evening Cooper and the two neighbor boys came knocking on the front door.  They were dragging the neighbors cooler and needed to show me something and “Could you bring your camera?  We need you to take a picture.”  So I obliged, grabbed Rozalin, the camera and headed out the front door.

Frog 2

They posed next to the cooler for me to take there picture.


Then I peeked inside, to find their prize, a baby frog they had found in the yard.

Frog 3

I was informed that they were going to catch a whole bunch of frogs so they could sell them.  What ever happened to a lemonade stand?

Frog 4

At this point Levi had bailed on the frog project to talk to Rozalin who I had set down on the porch and Cooper was headed in that direction.  Lucas was steady on his care of the frog and their potential business however.

Frog 5

One movement from Lucas and Cooper freaked out.  He wasn’t going to touch that frog.

Frog 6

Finally frog back in cooler, Lucas, put aside all thoughts of selling frogs and decided to chat it up with Rozalin.

Frog 7

Yes that is Rozalin sitting up like a big girl next to the mound of beach towels I used to cover the mums to protect them from freeze.  She was not impressed with the frog. 

No need to worry the kids returned the frog to the wild.


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