An early morning surprise

Our early morning routine runs something like this.  I get up and get going and then a little before seven I go in and get Cooper up.  He then hangs out with me while I get ready until he is ready for breakfast.  Rozalin wakes up sometime around seven fifteen or seven thirty.  Cooper likes to help get Rozalin up and she of course loves to see Cooper first thing in the morning. 

On this particular morning Cooper heard Rozalin and went running into her room to start talking to her.  I finished brushing my teeth and then headed into her room.  I knew that Cooper was in there because I could hear him talking to her but I was not prepared for what I saw when I walked into Rozalins’ room. 

Early Morning 1

Cooper had gotten into Rozalins’ crib and was hanging out with her. 

Early Morning 2

I quickly went and got the camera to snap a few shots. 

Early Morning 3

My two little ones.  They definitely keep things interesting.

Early Morning 4

I am sure the next eighteen years will be anything but boring.

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One Response to An early morning surprise

  1. LynneMcKay says:

    What a good big brother! SO cute!!!

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