Seven Months

Again a little bit behind the eight ball here but just thought I would post Rozalin’s seven month pictures.

Roz Tutu 1

She definitely mastered the fine art of sitting. 

Roz Tutu 2

Rozalin is still one of the happiest babies.  She always has a smile.

Roz Tutu 3

She moves constantly. 

Roz Tutu 4

I can not believe how fast her first year is going, but am enjoying every minute of it.

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One Response to Seven Months

  1. Jayme Thiessen says:

    Sweet as ever! I think her and Payslie would have a great time together. Payslie has that same onesie, probably in the same size too. I thought I may have some hand me downs for you but it may end up being the other way around. Sweet baby girl!

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