August Randomness

This post is full of random pictures taken during August.  They really don’t go with anything in particular but I couldn’t avoid showing them to you.

Aug 12 Misc

Rozalin taking some time from playing to give me quick wave.

Aug 12 Misc 1

Back to work.

Aug 12 Misc 2

Rozalin fought a little cold and I woke up to this one morning after a rough night of coughing.  Daddy finally just slept in the recliner with her so she could breath and also so she could stop coughing.  Doesn’t it just break your heart when they are sick?

Aug 12 Misc 11

Scott was off several weekends in a row so I took advantage and restocked the freezer.  Four pans of enchilada’s ready to go into the freezer for quick week night meals.

Aug 12 Misc 3

This is what happens in the living room while I am cooking and Daddy is in charge.

Aug 12 Misc 4

“What children, What mess?”  Doesn’t it crack you up how the father never seems to notice the mess or upheaval around him?

Aug 12 Misc 5

Cooper taking a break from jumping on the couch while Daddy was in charge.

Aug 12 Misc 6

She had not completely mastered the art of fine dining.

Aug 12 Misc 7

I wanted to take Cooper’s picture because he looks like such a big boy when he wears his hat.  However he was not interested and this was the only picture I got.

Aug 12 Misc 8

Rozalin’s little mary jane socks.  So cute.

Aug 12 Misc 9

Last but not least, one tired baby girl.  She is usually ready to go to bed by seven at night.

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