Things Uncle Andy Teaches

I am sure as time goes on I will use this title many more times, since my brother enjoys teaching my kids various things.  This summer Andy, his wife Deb, and my sister Molly spent some time teaching Cooper a valuable lesson.  Or at least something he will use for many years to come.


For the last several years this has been Cooper.  He has spent hundreds of hours riding in the boat watching every one else ski asking “Is it my turn?”

Cooper Skiiing Edited 5

While at the lake this summer, one morning Cooper woke up and said I am going to ski today.  Not wanting to diminish his dream we agreed to let him try.

Cooper Skiiing Edited 2

It was after dinner when the lake had calmed down that Cooper first attempted skiing.  I love this picture because Cooper is being helped into his skis by the most important men in his life, Daddy, Uncle Andy, Grandpa Bob and Grandpa Craig.  These are all the men who spend time with Cooper teaching him, hanging out with him, and they are his heroes in the world. 


Molly helped Cooper in the water.

Cooper Skiiing Edited 1

Debbie drove the jet ski and Andy held the other end of the rope. 

Cooper Skiiing Edited 4

I of course stood on the dock and took what pictures I could through my tears. 


He did so good.  Never complained.  Always wanted to go again.


The first evening Cooper kept his knees bent and wouldn’t stand up.  Andy told him to straighten his legs and stand up.  Cooper promptly responded “But Uncle Andy you always say keep your knees bent.”  Andy told me he didn’t realize Cooper had been listening for the last four years while riding in the boat. 


He had the biggest smile on his face the whole time.

Cooper Skiiing Edited 4

So proud of my little big man.  I just hope he doesn’t grow up too fast. 

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