Six Months

Again I have gotten wrapped up in life and have fallen behind on posting these photos. 

Roz 6 Mo

In August Rozalin turned 6 months old.  Just six more months before she turns one.  WOW! 

                     Roz 6 Mo2

She is still the happiest baby.  Always smiling, however she reserves her biggest and best smiles for Cooper.  She is fasinated with him and everything he does.

Roz 6 Mo3

And her little personality is developing.  She wiggles every where and seems to be moving all the time.

Roz 6 Mo4

Rozalin has mastered sitting by herself.  She loves to read anything, especially when Cooper “reads” her books about animals and acts out all the animal noises and actions for her.

Roz 6 Mo5

As you can see she is drooling every where but I still don’t see any sign of a tooth.

Roz 6 Mo6

Rozalin has definitely become curious about her world and the people and things in it.  Her little fingernails seem to grow over night and she has a tendency to scratch herself when her nails are not clipped to the quick. 

This little girl is such a joy we are so blessed!

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