Someone Turned 40!

Sorry this is so late, but sometimes life gets in the way.

This summer someone in our family turned the big 4-0.  Now we all know that is a number that can not be ignored. 

40th BD 1

That is right my husband, Scott hit 40 this year.  It was a tough one for him turning 40. 

40th BD 2

He kept saying “I am forty and have a zero year old.  How does that happen?”

40th BD 3

I was able to surprise him with an unexpected gift, but something he has wanted for several months.

40th BD 4

It was wonderful being able to surprise him and Cooper had fun helping him open his gifts.

40th BD 5

Total Surprise!  He never expected to receive the Ipad although he had talked about it non stop for five months.

40th BD 6

Cooper was excited too.

40th BD 7

Needless to say, the gift was a hit and has created a monster in my husband and child.  They are both addicted to the Ipad.  Cooper loves playing games, especially Angry Birds, and Scott loves it for many reasons. 

What are some of your favorite apps?

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