Carpentry Project

For my dads birthday I had seen a beautiful wooden cooler that I wanted Scott to make as a gift to my dad, so Scott and his father, Bob, as usual achieved perfection. 

Special Gift 1

Father and son working together.

Special Gift 2

The put the whole piece together using biscuit joints.  There is not a screw to be seen any where on the cooler.

Special Gift 3

Rozalin even took part in creating the masterpiece.

Special Gift 4

She was not as interested as Cooper but went along as a good sport.

Special Gift 5

Grandpa Bob sanding and making a big mess.

Special Gift 6

They even made a “Z” for the front of the cooler.

Special Gift 7

This is the finished project. 

Special Gift 8

There workmanship was fantastic.  A real work of art.

Special Gift 9

This cooler is housed in the wooden frame.

Special Gift 10

I am just amazed by the workmanship that they did.

Special Gift 11

This is the backside.

Special Gift 12

And the side.  They did great work and knocked the whole project out in just a day and a half.


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One Response to Carpentry Project

  1. Kendra Coleman says:

    What a cool looking gift!! Your Dad will love it….. I’m sure it’s going to the lake house for their wild parties.

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