A Carpentry Lesson

This summer Grandpa Bob came to town to help Scott build a gift for my dad and they both took the time to give Cooper a little lesson in carpentry. 

Carpentry 1

Scott gave Cooper is very own battery powered drill to run.

Carpentry 2

He drilled hole upon hole into wood.

Carpentry 3

Note he put his own shoes on this particular day.  He does not care if is shoes are on the correct feet or not.

Carpentry 4

I could not get him to look at me instead of his board.

Carpentry 5

Very studiously doing his “work”.

Carpentry 6

Evaluating where to put the next hole.

Carpentry 7

He found the perfect spot.

Carpentry 8

Seriously what is this face?  I did finally get him to look at me.

Carpentry 10

Time to confer with daddy about the project.  Grandpa Bob assessing the next step.

Carpentry 11

Keeping his pencil in his had just like Grandpa Bob does.

Carpentry 12

Drilling more holes.

Carpentry 13

Real carpenters wear tool belts.

Carpentry 14

Such a serious face.

Carpentry 15

At this point he was tired of me taking his picture.


Such a little man. 

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One Response to A Carpentry Lesson

  1. Kendra Coleman says:

    He is learning so much….. and I do love the shoes on which ever foot they need to be!! You know, if the shoe fits, wear it!!

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