A Manly Gift

My brother is one of the hardest people to buy a gift for, he has everything if there is something that he wants he just gets it.  When you ask him what he would like as a gift his answer is always something like “A new combine”, well considering my budget for birthday gifts is somewhere way below the $350,000 price tag for a combine, so this year with a little inspiration from pinterest I came up with an idea that would more comfortably fit within my birthday gift budget. 

Man Gift 2

My brother is a huge fan of beef jerky so I made up a little gift basket for him with beef jerky and cash. 

Man Gift 1

I had this basket in my basement, added florists foam into the bottom and then used bamboo skewers to get everything displayed.

Man Gift 3

  To present the cash, fan fold the bills and then secure with florists wire.  The bamboo skewer will then just fit in one of the pleats in the bills.

Man Gift 7

I then gray taped the skewers to the back of the beef jerky. 

Man Gift 2

So with minimum effort I had a great gift for a guy who is hard to buy for.


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2 Responses to A Manly Gift

  1. Jayna says:

    You have the best ideas, I guess for my family.I should come to you for ideas

  2. Kendra Coleman says:

    Jayna don’t give Anne the credit….. she asked me and I gave her the idea. You know I’m the creative one in our family!!!!

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