Arts and Crafts

Inspired by Pinterest, the kids and I have been doing some art projects lately.  I am totally fascinated with the amount of art that can be created using kids hands or feet.  The thought of preserving their hands and feet before they get to big appeals to me as I know the days of them being little are going to end way before I am ready.


We made several different pictures.


Cooper made John Deere tractors with his foot to give to his Grandpa Craig and his Uncle Andy for gifts and one last one as décor for himself. 



Cooper also made a horse from his handprint to use as décor in his room.



I helped Rozalin to make a butterfly using her foot prints.


I also turned her foot print into a bee. 


Cooper and I had so much fun making the tractor and horse that we decided to use Cooper’s hand print to make his invitations to his Pirate Birthday Party

Anyway I am thrilled to have these wonderful reminders of my kids little hands and feet. 

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One Response to Arts and Crafts

  1. Jennifer says:

    These are very cute and would make great wall art for a kids bedroom. My son loves to paint and would have so much fun making these. Thanks for sharing!
    Jennifer @

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