Randomness from June

I know, I know I am REALLY far behind on getting these blog posts written.  It has been a busy summer, but I promise to make a better effort.  So here it goes.

Birds Nest (3)

I have three Boston ferns hanging in my front yard and one evening while watering them I noticed this little nest of bird eggs.  I was very careful from then on to not flood the nest.  I just checked in the fern a few days ago and the eggs had hatched and the baby birds had already flown away.


Cooper and the neighbor kids have been spending lots of time trying to stay cool in the Kiddie Car Wash.


Cooper wanted me to take this picture of him with his equipment.  He is such a ham!


Cooper loves to sweep and run the vacuum and since I ABSOLUTELY despise cleaning I am always happy to let him handle the task.


Rozalin made her first trip to the swimming pool and ended up on the cover of the local newspaper. 


Early morning snuggles with Daddy.


Cooper and Rozalin love to sit together in the big chair and watch cartoons on Saturday mornings.  Our only goal to be out of our jammies before Scott gets home from work.

So much for this random post.  Hope everyone is having a great summer!


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