Wheat Harvest 2012

This has been a very busy summer for Cooper, first their was blast ball, with wheat harvest mixed in, a fourth birthday party, then swimming lessons and finally vacation bible school.  I am not sure how I will ever keep it all together when I have two kids involved in activities.  Never fear though every mother before me has had to juggle the same issues as I and if they made it through surely I will make it through as well. 

Any way back to my purpose here.  The same week we were dealing with Blast Ball practice and games ended up being the same week of wheat harvest.  Cooper anxiously awaits harvest every season for two reasons.  First he gets to go to the farm and can usually convince Grandma and Grandpa that going to the farm would be better for him than going to day care.  Secondly he gets to spend time with his favorite uncle, and might I add hero in the world, riding in some type of farm equipment.  Exciting at the age of four!

Harvest 2012 1 

Here Cooper is checking out the wheat crop. 

Harvest 2012 2

Every farmer knows that you have to check the wheat heads to make a guess as to how good the crop is going to be.

Harvest 2012 5

Finally Uncle Andy made it around the field to pick up Cooper.  Cooper loves to watch the grain go out of the combine through the auger and unload onto the grain cart or truck.

Harvest 2012 11

Cooper helped Grandma take meals to the field most evenings.  However it is killer on his patience to wait for everyone to finish eating so that he can get back in a combine or tractor.

Harvest 2012 12

Harvest was a family affair this year.  Grandpa, Grandma, Scott and Cooper all pitched in to help Uncle Andy with wheat harvest.  Nothing says summer like eating on the edge of wheat field.

Harvest 2012 15

Finally back in the combine!  I am so glad that we live close enough for Cooper to get to experience the farming life style.  He loves it and I would not be surprised if he followed in Uncle Andy’s footsteps.

Hopefully our summer with wind down enough to enjoy time at the lake and pool where threat of heat stroke is somewhat diminished.


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2 Responses to Wheat Harvest 2012

  1. LynneMcKay says:

    Wonderful report of “Wheat Harvest through Cooper’s eyes”!!

  2. Molly says:

    You forgot to add he lived at our house for that entire week! LOL

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