5 Months


Little miss Rozalin has turned five months old.  She is the absolute happiest baby. 


This month Rozalin found her feet and they have provided hours of entertainment. 


She spends most of her time in this position.  Definitely not the most lady like but I am sure she will eventually grow out of it. 


She still loves bath time and swimming.  This is the smile I get most of the time from her.  If you are wondering what the red bumps on her arm and tummy are those would be the remnants of her Chicken Pox.  I had no idea that a baby so small could get the chicken pox.  According to the pediatrician it was a very mild case, but she handled it well, never ran a fever or complained.


Cooper is still her favorite person.  She loves to be in the same room with Cooper.  Rozalin loves to watch Cooper play.  When he eats breakfast in the morning, she sits in her high chair and tells him all kinds of stories.  Once in a while he talks back to her by making the same sounds she makes, this makes Rozalin just giggle and giggle. 


Scott and I are so blessed to have such wonderful kids and love spending each day with them.  We could not be any luckier.


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One Response to 5 Months

  1. Jayna says:

    She looks just like her daddy, and she is too cute.

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