Blast Ball

Cooper was able to start Blast Ball this summer.  It is a form of tee ball for three and four year olds to get them familiar with the fundamentals of baseball.  The sport has a relatively short season, two practices and three “games”.  I use the term loosely because the games could easily be construed as practices. 

Blast Ball 4

We began with practice.  They divided the kids up into two groups, one group batted and one group played catch. 

Blast Ball 10

Cooper was in the group that got to practice batting first.  In Blast Ball they only run to first base and then return to the bench.  No score is kept.  It truly is a teaching endeavor.

Blast Ball 13

He loves to hit the ball and run to first base.

Blast Ball 41

During the first game Cooper was not really interested in participating.  He basically wanted to sit on second base or kick dirt.  He obviously gets his interest in sports from both of his parents.

Blast Ball 63

By the third game Cooper had FINALLY gotten the hang of the game.  He ran for every ball that was hit.

Blast Ball 71

Rozalin was not interested in the games at all and spent her time at the ball diamonds catching up on her sleep.

Blast Ball 90

Cooper actually was a pretty good hit considering neither one of his parents possess an ounce of athletic ability.

Blast Ball 91

He loved to run to first base.  It was a big thrill for him at the end of every game when all the kids got to run around all the bases. 

While Blast Ball was a great learning experience for Cooper I do not see a professional ball career in his future.  That is fine with Cooper however since his dream is to grow up and be a farmer just like his favorite uncle.

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