Four Years

I can not believe our little man Cooper is four years old.  It seems like only last week we were bringing him home in an infant carrier and now he is four years old. 


We had a pirate themed birthday for him.  I even made him this t-shirt with a pirate ship on it for him to wear.  He thought it was so cool.


Rozalin even got into the pirate spirit and sported her pirate stripes, but insisted on a girly flower for her hair. 


Scott and I gave him a new bike.  He loves hanging outside and riding his bike all around the house. 


I found a darling Pirate cake on Pinterest and whipped one up. 


I even whipped up Pirate cupcakes for Cooper to take to daycare to celebrate his Happy Birthday.


Cooper loves to have cake with fire on it.  Even if it isn’t a birthday he still thinks any cake he is served should have fire on it.

Some of Cooper’s favorite things at the age of four are:

He loves to play farm all the time.  He talks about it constantly.

He loves to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa and looks up to Uncle Andy. 

So far the highlight of his summer has been helping with wheat harvest.

He is currently 43” tall and weighs 42#

He can count to ten and recognizes some of his letters and numbers

Some of his lines are:

       I’m so proud.

      Good times are coming in our way.

We are so proud of the way he is growing up and what a good big brother he is.  Cooper brings a lot of joy, excitement and happiness to our home. 


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