3 Months

Roz 3 months 1

Last week little miss Rozalin turned three months old.  It shocks me to realize that she is one quarter of a year old.  Time is flying, and I hate to miss a minute of it.

Roz 3 Months 2

Rozalin is a very happy baby.  She is quick to smile and slow to cry, unless she is hungry or dirty.  Rozalin still adores her big brother Cooper and saves the biggest smiles for him.

Roz 3 months 3

She loves to lay on her changing table and look at her bird mobile that I made her.  By the way the dress she has on is the first dress I have made for her.  It is from Amy Butlers “Stitches for Little Ones” book. 


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1 Response to 3 Months

  1. Kendra Coleman says:

    Cute pictures!! I do like her dress that you made her….. the fabric is really cute. Amy Butler all the way…. her Mother’s favorite material. But another one of MY cute patterns, OH, and you’re welcomed once again for the idea!!!

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