The Helper and a bath

We spent some time a few weekends ago with my parents and grandmother.  During the weekend my parents spent some time doing various duties outside and Cooper of course had to “help” because he must be involved in everything my parents do.  Especially my mother.

Helper 1

First up helping Grandpa remove a way ward tree from the landscaping.  Cooper is holding the top of the tree while Grandpa is getting ready to cut it.

Helper 2

Cooper then carted the wayward tree off for Grandpa.  Thank goodness Cooper was there I am not sure how Grandpa would have managed that tree by himself.

Helper 3

Next up helping Grandma plant some flowers.

Helper 4

Thank goodness Cooper was there to do the heavy lifting for Grandma.

Helper 5

Cooper put his expert digging skills to work digging holes for the flowers.

Helper 6

Cooper loves to be in charge of the water, and somehow usually manages to end up soaking wet him self.

Now for a bit of random.  While we were away I had to give Rozalin a bath of course and everyone had to see and take pictures because of course she loves her bath and smiles until you remove her from the bath.

Random 1

She fit perfectly in the bathroom sink and loved it.  It was the perfect size for her.

Random 2

She had nothing but goofy faces for Mommy and Great Grandma.


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