We were able to get away for Mother’s Day weekend to our favorite lake, and had a great time.  My parents, brother and sister in law, and my grandmother were also able to go.  It was great to spend time together however we definitely missed my sister as she was unable to go due to work.  While we were are the lake one of Coopers favorite things to do besides swim is to fish.  Scott always tries to spend one morning fishing with his favorite guide while we are at the lake and then he spends some time with Cooper on the boat dock fishing. 

Fishing 1

There are plenty of fish around the dock and it is very easy to snag a fish. 

Fishing 2

It always makes the little man so happy to catch a fish. 

Fishing 3

So first thing on Saturday morning Scott took Cooper down to the dock to fish.  It is customary for them to catch the fish and then just throw them back in the water.  Scott releases the fish back into the water and Cooper is bent over trying to see the fish and follow where it swims off to.  Next thing Scott knows he is watching Cooper go head first into the water off the dock.  It really scared Cooper and he was done fishing.  It was a good reminder for Cooper why he is always required to have his life jacket on.  We were afraid the Cooper would not want to go fishing anymore but luckily Cooper forgot about how scared he was and went back out finishing with Scott after dinner.   

Fishing 4

He loves to catch a fish.  He doesn’t really care about the size.

Fishing 5

This age is so fun, when everything is new and he gets excited about anything.  His new saying is “I’m so proud”.  And this weekend was no exception.  He was “so proud” to catch a fish.

Fishing 6

My grandmother was with us, and she had never been fishing so Scott baited a hook for her and showed her the basics.

Fishing 8

She is a quick learner and caught her first fish ever in no time at all. 

It was a great weekend enjoyed by all.  We are eagerly looking forward to many more weekends together over the summer.



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One Response to Fishing

  1. Jayna says:

    Ann, your little man is so cute, and what great pictures. Tell Grandma Colleen hello for me.

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