Daddy’s Helper


Scott has been doing a lot of mowing lately due to our beautiful weather we have been having, and Cooper being the helper that he is always wants to be involved.  It is still early in the season so Scott has been bagging the grass since it is growing to fast to mulch. 

Tractor 1

So while Scott mows, Cooper drives his tractor and “helps” by feeding the grass or “hay” as he calls it to his “cows”.  The kid has the most vivid imagination.  It just cracks me up.

Tractor 2

Every good farmer has a tractor and loader with a trailer for feeding the cows and Cooper is no exception.

Tractor 3

He takes the grass that Scott has soo carefully loaded into the pick-up out of the pick-up to feed to his “cows”.  This thoroughly makes Scott mad, but he is just going to have to learn that boys will be boys. 

Tractor 4

He has to get the “hay” loaded into the bucket.

Tractor 5

Sometimes it is just easier to use your hands.   I am sure that is the way all farmers do it or at least three year old farmers.

Tractor 6

Once you get it all loaded with your hands it is time to go feed your cows.  Repeat process as many times as necessary to get all the cows fed. 

Needless to say mowing is one of Coopers most favorite tasks.  He absolutely loves to “help”.



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One Response to Daddy’s Helper

  1. Kendra Coleman says:

    A Real Imagination that Cooper has! I’m sure Scott wishes he could really mow, now that would be a help for sure!!!!

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