Nursery Artwork

One day while searching on Pinterest I found the cutest nursery set and it became my inspiration for the nursery.

Lucy Victoria Crib Bedding Set

By clicking on the links I was able to find the complete set at Rosenberry Rooms.  I loved the bright colors offset with the black and white, however I did not fall in love with the price tag.  I knew that the blue floral print was from Amy Butler’s Love Collection and with a little research I found the rest of the fabric.  So I ordered the fabric and used it to make many things for the baby and nursery. 


However I adored the bird prints, and really wanted them for the nursery.  They added the touch of whimsy I was craving for the room.  I showed my sister the pictures and she agreed that we should be able to make the pictures ourselves for less than the $96 each price tag. 

I headed off the Hobby Lobby and bought two canvases and some acrylic paint.  I already had the fabric at home.  I handed all the supplies to my immensely talented sister and waited patiently.

This is what she did, and I absolutely love them.

Bird 1    Bird 2

She did a fantastic job, and they came in WAY under the $96 each price tag.  YEAH!!


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