Spring Program

Every spring the daycare where the kids attend has a program, and we always go to see what Cooper is going to do on stage to embarrass us.  I definitely will be pointing out these programs when he is a teenager and complains that all his father and I do is embarrass him.  This year both Cooper and Rozalin could be in the program, but I chose to keep Rozalin with us since she was asleep when the program was supposed to start.

Spring Program 1

She woke up and spent the entire program laying on Aunt Molly’s lap. 

Spring Program 2

All the kids start out in their respective classrooms and then come into the sanctuary with their class.  Cooper always tries to find us in the crowd.  Really he is probably looking for Grandma Kenneta, but I always like to think it is me he is seeking out in the crowd.

Spring Program 3

This year we started on a good note.  Cooper made it onto stage, not flashing the crowd his stomach, as he has been known to do in the past.  He even seemed to be focused on something other than Grandma Kenneta.

Spring Program 4

The other kids lost focus but not Cooper.  Look at what a good boy he is being.

Spring Program 5

His class sang two songs and never once did he even try to sing a word, but he did participate in the actions.  I was even starting to breath a sigh of relief no embarrassing moment had ocured.  Maybe he is growing up.

Spring Program 6

That is when it happened. He picked his nose on stage.  Seriously that kid spends half of his day picking his nose.  I keep hoping he will grow out of it but I am beginning to be doubtful.  Oh well here is to hope that next years program will be different.


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3 Responses to Spring Program

  1. Colleen Zwick says:

    Cooper looks like a little angel to me, on stage. Even though he did not “sing”, he certainly was “paying attention”!! He is very precious. And Rozalin certainly is a little angel on Aunt Molly’s lap. They are both adorable children. Your are a very lucky Mommy & Daddy!! I love you, bunches & bunches!!

  2. Jayna says:

    Ann, your children are darling.

  3. Lynne Townsend says:

    Darling–what a boy!!

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