Happy Easter



I hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter Sunday, spending time with loved ones and remembering the joy of the season.  We have had a pretty low key Easter.  This is really the first year that Cooper has understood the whole Easter Bunny idea and he was very excited by it.  He kept asking me questions like “Does the Easter Bunny have a car” and “Is he going to come in the front door?”  It has been lots of fun to see his excitement.  Scott has been dispatching this weekend end, but thankfully they were able to get ahead enough that he was home by three yesterday and by noon today. 

Yesterday Cooper and I colored Easter eggs while Scott and Rozalin spent some bonding time together.  This is the first year Cooper has colored eggs and he loved it and wanted me to go to the store and get more eggs.


We used neon colors and only did four colors.  Cooper helped count the drops of food coloring into the water and then helped count out the cups and the spoons.  Such a big boy.


He was very careful with the eggs and managed to spill none of the die.  I was impressed.  I figured I would have to have the kitchen gutted to the studs and started over after Cooper colored Easter eggs.  Darn my luck, maybe I can get a new kitchen next year.


Cooper was so proud of all his eggs and had to have his picture taken with them.



Rozalin had quality time with daddy.

Easter morning Cooper came into Rozalin’s room where I was giving her a bottle and was on the verge of tears.   He thought the Easter Bunny had forgotten him because he didn’t see his Easter basket and the eggs were not hid any where in the house. 



Rest assured the Easter Bunny had not forgotten him, the baskets were just hid behind Liberty.  Silly Easter Bunny.



Cooper showed “his baby” what the Easter Bunny had brought for her and then was on to his own basket.


So excited for a Lightning McQueen race car.

After the baskets it was off to find the eggs.  Everyone had to put some warmer clothes on, and then we were on the hunt.


Cooper was quite dapper hunting eggs in cowboy boots, sweats, pajama shirt and jean jacket.  He is trying to get his own episode of What Not To Wear.  Any day now they are going to knock on the door.


The Easter Bunny hid the eggs all over the yard and swing set.  Cooper had a lot of fun finding the eggs.  And by the time he got them in the house the shells had all been cracked and were ready to be peeled.


Happy Easter everyone!



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