While perusing blogs that I read I cam across the fantastic nursery that Amy did over at Positively Splendid.  I loved everything about that nursery, the colors, the fabrics, the whimsy, all of it.  One thing that really intrigued me was the Mobile she hung over the changing table.  She said it gives her babies something to look at while changing diapers so they lay still.  Light bulb, what could be bad about a baby laying still while changing their diaper?  That’s right nothing.  I decided to give it a try.

Mobile 6

I used her tutorial and created the mobile for my nursery.

Mobile 2

I used scrap fabrics I had from various nursery projects to make the birds.

Mobile 3

Tissue paper from my wrapping stash quickly turned into the pom poms.  I absolutely adore these tissue paper pom poms.  They create a large impact with a minimum of expense and a minimum of work.  They are light enough to be hung without doing damage to your ceiling and the husband is not even necessary to install them, just use a little thumb tack and fishing line.

Mobile 4

To me the mobile is fun, whimsical and full of color.  Just what I wanted in the nursery.


Mobile 5

This is the view the baby gets to see.  Such bright colors.


The mobile turned out better than I had hoped.  It was a quick and easy project that helped to pass the time while I was waiting on the arrival of little miss.



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3 Responses to Mobile

  1. Kendra Coleman says:

    Anne, that is darling and so colorfull!! What a cute idea…… and once again you are welcome!!
    Please let any of your other blogging friends know that it is OK to call, email, phone, come visit, just anything that fits in their schedules to come by for ideas…….. I’m available!!!

    Idea, upon Ideas,
    Your Great Aunt Kendra

  2. Lynne Townsend says:

    Cute Anne! Your Aunt Kendra is a “hoot”!!

  3. Beautiful Job!!! My BFF made me a bird just like this and I have it on my blog! She hung these birds AND tissue paper flowers right above her daughters bed! You may have been seperated at birth. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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