Nursing Cover

When I had Cooper one of my biggest struggles was with nursing and keep the activity private.  We had a lot of company, people wanting to see the baby and wish us well.  I felt like I was forever banished into the nursery, to feed the baby or out in public trying to maintain my dignity.  I have seen nursing covers on Etsy and in many stores.  However instead of spending upwards of $20 for a cover I thought surely I could make one myself.  Besides anyone who knows me knows that I maintain a healthy fabric stash.  Surely I would have enough fabric to construct a little nursing cover. 

I found a fantastic tutorial on Prudent Baby and decided to try it.  In one hour I had a nursing cover.  Totally worth it.

Nursing Cover 1

I used the Bliss Bouquet in Teal from Amy Butler’s Love Collection

Nursing Cover 2

I am thrilled to get to use it and be able to feed the baby while not having to be in exile.

Nursing Cover 3

And for no more trouble than it was I may just start making one for all the new mothers I know.  Who doesn’t enjoy a little privacy when trying to nurse.


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One Response to Nursing Cover

  1. Kendra Coleman says:

    Cute fabric and so glad you found time to make another one of my creative ideas for you to try. You will use this alot. So glad you put this on your blog for others to see!! You keep right on blogging and I’ll keep right on sending you ideas!!!

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