Diaper Bag

While waiting for little miss to arrive I decided to make myself a diaper bag.  I knew months ago when I was sewing my way through the Amy Butler Style Stitches book that if I ever had another baby that I would make the Cosmo bag to use as a diaper bag.  So I decided with just a few weeks until her arrival I would just whip one up.  I can actually say that the bag was quite daunting the first time I made it but found it to be much easier to whip up the second time.  It also helped that this time I followed the instructions to a tee and did not deviate at all.  Apparently Amy Butler really knows what she is talking about when she designs a pattern, who would have guessed. 

Diaper Bag 1

My color pallette for the nursery, its accessories and many other things for this baby came from the Lucy Victoria Bedding collection.  When I saw this bedding I totally fell in love with it and new that I wanted to use it in the nursery for Little Miss.  Through some detective work I was able to find all the fabric at Fabric.com and Hawthorne Threads.  This was the first time I had order from Hawthorne Threads but found that they had incredibly fast service and were very helpful and friendly.  I will definitely be patronizing them again.

Diaper Bag 2

What I love most are the mixture of fabrics, and colors.  The colors just seem so happy to me and the black and white really make the rest of the fabric pop.  Plus it is a ray of sunshine during the bleakness of winter.  Not to mention that the Bliss Bouquet in teal from Amy Butler’s Love Collection is one of my most favorite fabrics ever.  I could order this fabric by the bolt.

Diaper Bag 3

I love the pleat detail on the bag.  It really helps to girly up the bag.  While allowing for LOTS of room.

Diaper Bag 4

I did all of the top stitching in lime green to help bring a little bit more color and whimsy to the bag.  I kind of hesitated at first but am so thankful I stuck with it.

Diaper Bag 5

The bag even has great outside pockets on the end to hold bottles or what ever.  They are very room and are quite deep.

Diaper Bag 6

The interior is loaded with pockets.  The pattern originally calls to just divide the pocket in half which I did for one side but on the other side I divided it in thirds to better accommodate all my stuff. 

Diaper Bag 1

So this is the diaper bag just waiting to be filled with all the things necessary to leave the house with an infant. 


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  1. Valentin Sandler says:

    When the little one arrives, diaper bags are a must. This can be anything from a bag specifically designed for this purpose to an oversized shoulder bag with a lot of extra compartments. The truth is that there is no universal rule for diaper bags and how they should look. In fact, they can be very stylish and even affordable.


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