Spring Mantle

So I decided that even though spring is not here yet, I did not want to come home from the hospital to see snowman and reminders of winter.  Besides we have been having unseasonably warm weather and I have been hit with spring fever.  Yes I know that I will be in a for a major let down when we get our normal March blizzard.

Spring Mantal 1

I was inspired by the great spring items at Hobby Lobby and decided to go with a mantle that could easily carry my décor through to next Christmas if it had to.  I am not sure how much time or energy I will have for that sort of thing once I have two kids and a full time job.  Kind of stressing about that.  I should be able to handle it because there are millions of women around the US who do it every day, but you never know.  Any way back to the point.  I chose to work with my favorite home accessory the antique leaded glass window that my husband and I found when scouring antique stores one day.  I added some great greenery pieces, some urns and of course by collection of Eiffel Towers.  Oh how I love the Eiffel Tower.  I have even been eyeing a few new ones at Hobby Lobby, just waiting on a great sale. 

Spring Mantal 2

I made the “H” from a MDF letter I found at Hobby Lobby and hot glued Spanish Moss to it.  I used some green polka dot gross grain ribbon that I just hot glued to the back of the letter to hang it from a command hook that I attached to the top of the window.  It was a quick and easy 15 minute project that I absolutely adore. 

Spring Mantal 3

There are several other ideas I would like to execute for the spring but who knows if I will find time.  For now this is just the breath of spring that I was craving.

Spring Mantal 4

One last shot.


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5 Responses to Spring Mantle

  1. Kendra Coleman says:

    Very cute! Aren’t you glad that you talked to me once again for another cute idea for your house???? Tell all your friends who you get all your ideas from so that they know who the credit goes to!! Good ole KSC!! You are so welcome!!

  2. Lynne Townsend says:

    That is really a neat look Anne. Great idea to cover the mdf letter. (YOUR AUNT KENDRA—REALLY)

  3. Melissa says:

    Love the moss letter! This is so cute! Thanks for linking up!

  4. aimee says:

    your mantle looks wonderful i love the letter, it would be great if you vould pop over and link up at http://twiggstudios.blogspot.com/2012/02/sunday-show-off-linky-party-2.html

    thanks so much xxx

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