An Unexpected Photo Session

For Christmas Cooper received a shirt that he calls his “Tanner” shirt.  It is just a simple button down shirt but happens to resemble one that his Hero “Tanner” wears.  Tanner is a friend of our family who has become one of Coopers Hero’s.  I think this is because Tanner owns a horse and occasionally ropes from that horse.  Big stuff in the life of a 3 year old.  So anyway on to the point of this post.  Cooper decided that he wanted to wear his new “Tanner” shirt and wanted myself and his Grandma Cheryl to take some pictures.  I was actually surprised how well some of the pictures turned out and how photogenic he can be when he wants to.

To begin he decided to pose next to his slipper slide.

Coop Tanner 1

I absolutely loved the way this picture turned out.  Such a great smile. 

Coop Tanner 2

I also like his expression here.  So angelic or something?  And yes that is a candy cane filled with M&M’s that he was using as a gun.

Coop Tanner 3

From his slide he moved over to the Smart Cycle for a little pose.  I at this point was cracking up.  He was so SERIOUS about me taking his picture.  I think he might have been practicing for a career in modeling.

Coop Tanner 4

The only logical next stop for a photo for this three year old was of course to get on his horse.  Because didn’t I know that Tanner has a horse.  He was riding the horse up and down the whole time so it made getting a good photo next to impossible but I did manage to get a few.

Coop Tanner 5

He even took time to wave and say “Hi” to Daddy, Grandpa Bob and Grandma Cheryl who were watching and laughing from the side lines.

Coop Tanner 6

The final shot of the evening was with his trusty steed Liberty.  How we would ever make it at our house with out Liberty I do not know. 



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2 Responses to An Unexpected Photo Session

  1. Jayna says:

    That little buckaroo needs a real horse, I can sure fix you help.

  2. Kendra Coleman says:

    He is so cute and the pictures are a crack up!! Way to go MOM of the Year……

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