A Dance Lessons

We were able to escape for the new years weekend, and had a blast.  We hooked up with my parents, grand parents and one set of aunt and uncle.  It was very fun and very relaxing.  Just what we needed to relax and unwind before our what I am assuming will be a very busy 2012. 

On Saturday evening while we were all trying to pull dinner together, we had an oldies country music station playing.  Cooper was trying to find someone to dance like a cowboy with him and my mom took a few minutes to give him a dancing lesson.  I absolutely loved the pictures I was able to take and had to share them with you all.  They turned out absolutely adorable.

Cooper Dance Lesson 1

Cooper Dance Lesson 2

Cooper Dance Lesson 3

Cooper Dance Lesson 4

Cooper Dance Lesson 5

Cooper Dance Lesson 6


Cooper Dance Lesson 7

Cooper Dance Lesson 8

Cooper Dance Lesson 9

Cooper Dance Lesson 10

As you can see they both had a good time and hopefully Cooper will someday be able to sweep the woman of his dreams off her feet with his smooth dance moves.  In the mean time he is looking for any one willing to practice with him.  I am sure Grandma and his aunt will be more than willing to fill in until he can find the right woman in say 30 or 40 years.



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