Making Sugar Cookies

Tonight Cooper and I set out to finish up some sugar cookies.  I had originally intended for us to make these on Christmas Eve, but do to the complete and utter exhaustion I find myself in more and more often, it just didn’t happen.  So finally tonight I had the energy to roll out and bake the cookie dough I had whipped up on Friday.  The recipe I use for sugar cookies is the Cream Cheese Sugar Cookie recipe found HERE.  I have found this to be one of the easiest dough’s to work with and also one of the tastiest.  To finish off the cookies I just use a cream cheese frosting.  Fantastic.

Cooper is a big fan of helping with any project any where, kitchen, garage, craft room etc.  It is fun to cook with him and I hope he will always enjoy working on projects with Scott and I.   So back to this evening.  I generally roll out the dough and then Cooper pushes on the cookie cutters to cut out the cookies.  Tonight instead of Christmas shaped cookies as was previously intended we made snowflake shaped cookies. 

Coop Cookies 12.28

Cooper even wore his little apron that I got for him in order to try to keep his clothes somewhat clean when working in the kitchen. 

Coop Cookies 2 12.28

He loves all aspects of making cookies especially sampling the “broken or not perfect ones”.  Amazingly I have way more broken ones when he helps but it is totally worth it.

Coop Cookies 3 12.28

As you can see the apron was not 100% fool proof in keeping his clothes clean.  At least I gave it a shot.


Coop Cookies 4 12.28

He loves to make funny faces at the camera now and will even sometimes hide his face so that you can not get a picture.  He is starting to get a little of his uncles personality when it comes to pictures.

Coop Cookies 6 12.28

A pan of Cooper made snowflakes.

Coop Cookies 7 12.28

He also liked using the cookie cutter as a bulldozer to push all the flour into a pile.  I guess there is no taking the “boy” out of him for even a second.  Oh well at least he had fun. 

Now I am off to frost the cookies and hide them from Cooper and Scott so we will have some available for out little weekend get away. 


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2 Responses to Making Sugar Cookies

  1. Jayna says:


    lOVE Jayna

  2. Kendra Coleman says:

    I can’t believe that you have the patience to bake in the kitchen with him, what a Mother!!

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