Bull Riding

As you, my followers may have figured out I have a short man who lives with me that is fascinated by all things Cowboy.  Being the good mom that I am (insert laugh) I will from time to time allow him to watch various movies.  Some of his favorites include John Wayne, which is sometimes my short guys’ name, such as McClintock, Hellfighters and Chisum

I know, I know you are all dying to nominate me for Mom of the year, but wait it gets better.  I have even sunk so low as to allow him to watch 8 Seconds about the bull rider Lane Frost.  This has led my short guy to think he wants to be a bull rider and a large amount of his time each day is spent being a bull rider.  He has even been doing the dance scene from the movie when the lead character gets married.  It is quite comical and all who have seen him do it just crack up. 

Anyway this weekend Scott and I had to rig up his spring horse, Liberty, so that he could practice bull riding.  Scott even had to install a bucking rope so that Cooper could properly ride. 


Here are Scott and Cooper hooking up the bucking rope.  It is the thin white rope in front of the saddle. 


Here is Cooper riding his bull.  He has his hand up just like a real bull rider and is holding onto the rope just like Lane does in 8 Seconds.  He was so proud of himself.  The whole time he is riding the bull Scott and I have to cheer him on. 


Look at that great big smile.  He was so proud of himself. 


Here Scott is being the announcer and counting out the eight seconds while Cooper is riding.  Cooper always starts out with his hat on but just like a real bull rider his hat usually gets knocked off during the ride.  I just love Cooper’s smile.

And yes ladies that is my husband sporting a really great pair of flannel Grinch pants during October.  Just remember he is all mine and off the market. 


And as is the case with all great bucking bulls eventually the bull whens and the Cowboy falls off.  You can just see Coopers foot as he makes his tumble to the ground.  Once he gets up he even waves just like Lane in the movie 8 Seconds.  Needless to say Scott and I spent quite a bit of time laughing to the point of tears as Cooper “Practiced Bull Riding”.

I sincerely hope this is a stage he grows out of because I don’t know that I could handle real bull riding!



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