Someone Has a Birthday

So we had a milestone this summer, in June we celebrated Cooper’s 3rd Birthday.  Can you believe it I am a mother to a 3 year old.  I am still in shock.  Scott had to work on Coopers birthday but I made it a special day.  His birthday was on Saturday, so to surprise him when he woke up I blew up around 100 balloons and had them covering the floor of his bedroom.  He LOVED it!


For those of you who may ask, yes that is a christmas tree in his room. He loves to have the lights on.  Again, I am a bad enough mom to let him have it. 


He had so much fun playing with the balloons he entertained him self for hours.  He liked to herd them like cattle, chase them, through them, jump on them and anything else he could think of.

The following evening we had a birthday party for Cooper with all his grandparents, aunts and uncles.  He loves being the center of everyone’s attention.   


Trying to get a good picture of the goofy birthday boy.  I always tease Cooper that I am going to change his name to Goofy since he is so Goofy.


Opening what was probably one of his most favorite gifts.  Play dough, Aunt Molly really hit it out of the park with that one.  He loves to play with it while I am fixing dinner in the kitchen. 


Just look at how excited he is.


One of the cutest gifts came from Grandma she got him a few new books, since he is a bookworm and this great helmet.  How darling is that.  I tried to tell him he has to wear it whenever he is outside but I don’t think he heard me.



Look at that darling kid with the bunny helmet and the cute scooter.  What ever am I going to do with him.  He has more fun riding through the house on his scooter.  The hat still cracks me up.


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