A Little Construction

I am still working on my efforts to get caught up and came across some pictures of Cooper doing a little construction work.  Cooper turned three in June and we got him a swing set for his birthday.  The swing set arrived in May and we just couldn’t stand having it set and not be able to use it.  So to our rescue came Scott’s dad aka Grandpa Bob and we put the swing set together.  It ended up being a great learning tool for Cooper and Grandpa Bob was very patient teaching Cooper how to use tools to put his swing set together.


Here Grandpa is helping Cooper get his had adjusted so that he can help with drilling the screws in.  Please note that Coopers favorite thing this summer has been wearing my sun had every where especially outside.  I of course let him because I figure he gets better sun protection this way.  This will also be another reason why I am never elected mother of the year.  Oh well!


Cooper getting a screw out of the package.


Cooper trying to hold the drill.  It weighs almost as much as he does, but he is not daunted by the task.  Look at how patiently Grandpa Bob holds the screw waiting for Cooper to get it together.


Finally to drill the first screw.


Grandpa helping him get started and showing him the right way to do it.


Making good progress. 


I was so proud of  Cooper he even ran the button to make the drill work all by himself.  He was such a big kid and probably had as much fun putting the swing set together and he has had playing on the swing set.  Thank goodness for all of Grandpa Bob’s patience.  He was so good to help Cooper and teach him how to use the drill.  If it wasn’t for Grandpa Bob the swing set would still probably not be put together. 

Cooper has had lots of fun playing on his swing set and loves for someone to “Push me” while he swings.  Hopefully now that the weather seems to be a little cooler we will be able to enjoy it even more. 



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