Umbrella Wreath

I found this great, fun whimsical wreath HERE.  I had to try.  One day while at Hobby Lobby I found a bunch of drink umbrellas on clearance.  Don’t you know those little dudes hopped in my cart just to become my very own wreath.


I used a Styrofoam wreath that I just had taking up space in my craft room.  This wreath took next to no time at all to throw together.  I did it while watching an episode of Army Wives.  I just opened the umbrellas and stuck them in randomly and at various heights.  I love the bright cherry colors and have in fact hung it in my office for the summer to bring a little cheer to the joint. 

Just a few more pictures:


In the close up you can see the styrofoam wreath that I used however you do not notice the wreath unless you are standing within a few inches of it.


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One Response to Umbrella Wreath

  1. Jayme Thiessen says:

    Love it!!

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