Amy Butler Style Stiches Month 4

I am finished my Beautiful Balance Checkbook Covers for the fourth month of the Style and Stitches Sew Along.  It was a relatively quick project to put together and would have taken me two evenings had I not modified the pattern and done three instead of just one.  The instructions were insightful and informative.  So with out further delay here are my Beautiful Balance Checkbook Covers.

AB Wallet 1

I used fabric from my stash. The cream colored fabric is a canvas type material and the ruffle strips are left overs from a quilt my sister made.  Doesn’t she have great taste?  I taught her that!

AB Wallet 2A

Here is a close  up of the exterior detail.  The ruffles are still in their fraying stage so at the present there are several threads to deal with.  This will get less with time.


AB Wallet 2

The interior is made from more left overs from my sisters quilt.  I modified the bottom pocket to hold four cards. 

AB Wallet 3

I think that in the future if I were to make this pattern again I would also add slots for cards on the top pocket and would also figure out a way to put a place for change. 

AB Wallet 4

Since I wanted to be able to use this as a wallet and not just a check book cover, I made a coordinating check book cover that slips right down into the lower pocket. 

AB Wallet 5

The interior of the check book cover uses up even more of the fabric scraps while still being efficient.  I made the pattern for the checkbook cover using my current check book cover.  It was a really quick project that took about forty-five minutes start to finish.

AB Wallet 6

Here you can see it slipping into the lower pocket.


AB Wallet 7

Outside of the “Wallet” all closed up.

AB Wallet 8

Reverse side.

I am very happy with the way this project turned out. 



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3 Responses to Amy Butler Style Stiches Month 4

  1. Bree says:

    These look great! I love that you added the ruffles, and the bright colors on the inside are such a fun surprise. Great job!

  2. Laura says:

    These are so cute and happy. Love them,

    I am 1 of 5 finalists to win a HUGE room makeover and voting ends today. I would really appreciate it is you would take just a moment and stop by and vote for me. I am 3#. Thanks!

  3. These are fantastic – I love the layered fabric patterns. Perfect colors for summer! Hope you had a wonderful weekend ~ Stephanie Lynn

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