Spring/Summer Jammies

Well the weather here has been getting increasingly warmer, so I decided it was time to get some spring jammies sewn up for Cooper.  I know that I can easily buy cute jammies at the store, but I have a fondness for sewing and really just wanted to create something for him.  I made the pattern for the pants from a pair of pants that currently fit him and bought plain t-shirts at Hobby  Lobby to go with the Riley Blake Hooty Hoot fabric I had ordered.

Jammies 1..

I made three different coordinating jammies from the fabric.  Each pair of pants had a coordinating cuff and a shirt that went with them, but could also easily be matched up in any order. 

Jammies 2

He loves the animals on this print.  I left the edges on all the applicays unfinished so that they would fray slightly when washed for a more ragged look. 


Detail of the shirt and pants.  This fabric is just so adorable.

Jammies 5

This is the second pair.  I love the little polka dot design. 

Jammies 6Jammies 7

Details of the Jammies

Jammies 8

Cooper had inherited my love of comfy clothes and loves to put his jammies on early in the evening in order to get properly comfortable and lounged out.  There fore the pictures for the third pair of jammies are shown on the model.  When I asked him to show me his new jammies he promptly lifted his shirt and showed his tummy.  Sometimes this kid is just too goofy.  I always tease him that I am going to change his name to Goofy, he just giggles and says “My name is Cooper”.

Jammies 9

Finally I managed to get him to stand still long enough to get a picture of him.  He is head over heels for this set because it has a tractor on it.  Oh his dream in life to be a farmer.

Jammies 10

Next he decided the best way to show all his new jammies was to jump.  So here he is getting ready to jump.

Jammies 11

And here he is jumping.  He gets the biggest smile when he jumps off the two stairs leading into our sun room.

Jammies 12

Getting ready to jump.

Jammies 13

And jumping!!

Have a wonderful day!


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2 Responses to Spring/Summer Jammies

  1. Andrea says:

    Here I’ve been thinking of making Christmas jammies for my girls and nephews, but the thought never crossed my mind to make summer pj’s! Yours turned out so fun! It sounds like your son is a silly goose! Very cute!


  2. Cindy says:

    The pajamas are almost as cute as your little Cooper! I can see why he loves them, though, they are wonderful! He is so blessed to have a mommy who sews!
    Hugs, Cindy

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