A Special Visit and Parade

Warning: Lots of photos!

Recently our town was blessed to have special visitors and a little parade.  Some of you may have heard of our visitors and if you ever get a chance to see them in person I would highly recommend that you take the opportunity. 


The Budweiser Clydesdales came to our town and paraded down our main street.  They stopped at several points for pictures and for their handlers to answer questions from the public.  These guys are truly magnificent animals.  It is almost a throw back to a different place and time when you watch them parade through town. 

We had to wait on the lawn of our towns beautiful courthouse while waiting for the team to appear.  Cooper made good use of his time, running around and playing with friends while impatiently waiting for the horses to get there. 

Bud 3

He got the chance to play with his best friend and that was almost as exciting as watching the horses.

Bud 2

When the officials alerted us that the team was fast approaching.  Cooper quickly clambered to his favorite viewing spot when we are in a large crowd.

Bud 4

Daddy is always happy to provide and eagle’s nest view for Cooper, so that he does not miss a single viewing opportunity.

Bud 1

Watching and listening to the team appear is wonderful, you can hear their shod hoofs on the pavement and hear the bells and metal clanging of their rigging as they come closer. 

Bud 5

A team of eight horses pulls the wagon.

Just look at those magnificent horses.

Bud 6

They stand so regal and so majestic.

Bud 7

Their feed have a wonder white sock that is amazing.

Bud 8

They even do their manes up beautifully with ribbon and roses. 

The coach and drivers are reminiscent of another time. 

Bud 9_edited-1

A grain wagon converted to haul cases of Budweiser.

Bud 10

Drivers dressed in uniforms and a Dalmatian proudly watching his team.

It was a great early evening of fun followed up by a Bar B Que with great friends. 


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