A Late Night Scare

On Tuesday evening I was in my basement for a therapy sewing session and about 11 pm I heard Scott in the kitchen getting what I assumed was a snack and then he proceeded to the dining room, where I assumed he was playing on the computer.  I finished my sewing and headed up the stairs so that I could go to bed.  As I got to the top of the stairs I turned back to the dining room to talk with Scott, but received the shock of my life to see a white headed elderly gentleman sitting at the head of my dining room table looking at a magazine. 

I said “Who are you”?  The man looked at me with a vacant look and I could tell that he was not seeing me.  I yelled for Scott, who last I saw was putting Cooper to bed.  Quickly I went through the kitchen in order to get to the other end of our house.  As I was going through the kitchen I had several thoughts going through my head, such as “How long was I down sewing, had Scott aged that much.”  “Am I in the twilight zone.”  “Was that a ghost?” In order to answer the last question, I had to look back through the opening to the dining room to confirm that there really was a man sitting there and not an apparition.  Yes there really was a man sitting there.

I continued on my quest to find my husband and figure out what to do about our mysterious visitor.  As I went by the front door I noticed that it was locked, so I was very curious as to how this man had gotten into my home. 

I made it to Coopers room and found Scott and Cooper both safely asleep in the bed.  With a start I awoken Scott and told him there was a strange elderly man in our dining room.  I also told him my latest hypothesis about the visitor.  It donned on me as I was entering Coopers room, that this man had probably escaped from the nursing home no further than a block from our home. 

Scott and I made our way to the master bedroom in order to call the  nursing home to find out if they were missing a resident.  However like most people we do not keep a phone book in the bedroom.  At this point Cooper started to fuss, I am sure from my hollering and from Scott trying to levitate out of the bed.  Scott returned to deal with Cooper and called 911 since I couldn’t find a phone book. 

The operator answered on the twelfth ring.  I quickly told her my location and the fact that I had a white headed old man sitting at my dining room table.  She replied “Thank Goodness, we have been looking for him”.  I gave her my address again and went out to meet the police officers in my front yard. 

The police officers came in and got the elderly man to follow them out.  He was safely returned to the nursing home. 

Now before I get comments about locking the doors and windows, my husband had recently replaced the weather stripping on the front door so you have to get the door closed just right it doesn’t latch. 

Looking back we were very lucky the elderly gentleman found our home and that he was safe, for Tuesday evening was rather chilly.  We live close to a golf course that has a creek running through it and he could have wondered onto the golf course and fallen into the creek.  There are so many dangers that could have befallen the man instead God led him into our home where he would be safe until we could get him back to the nursing home.  Granted I was given quite a scare, but everything worked out alright and I am vigilant in making sure the door latches securely now. 


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