A little craft and a desert

Recently I helped to throw a baby shower for my sweet cousin and her new little bundle of joy.  Being the crafty person that I am I felt it was my obligation to make a handmade gift for that precious new bundle of joy.  Due to the fact that Cooper was such a huge fan of playing on the floor as an infant, my new go to baby shower gift of recent has been a baby blanket. 

To make this baby blanket I was able to use fabric I had on hand.  Just like many people who sew I am a collector of fabric.  If I happen to see a fabric I like, it is not uncommon for me to pick up a yard or two just to have until I can find something to do with it.  This particular fabric I happened to find while cruising through Hobby Lobby one day.  So as is my custom I picked up a couple of yards of each of the coordinating fabrics knowing that I would love to use the fabric some day.  The reverse side of the blanket is a chocolate brown minky fabric, that I also happened to have on hand.

Baby Blanket 1

I was very happy with the way the blanket turned out and loved the girly detail of the ruffle.  There is just something about a ruffle and currently I just can not get enough ruffles.  To bad I can’t dress Cooper in them, but I am afraid his daddy and grandpa would not find that appropriate. 

As a co-hostess of the shower I volunteered to make the desert.  Since it was February and I have had it with winter and am hoping for spring, I made fruit pizza, a desert I find very refreshing this time of year.  I use my cream cheese sugar cookie dough as the base, topped with cream cheese frosting, tinted to match the occasion in this instance pink, and then top the whole kit and kaboodle with an abundance of fresh fruit.  I was very happy with the way the pizza turned out and it must have been good because I did not get to bring any home, much to Cooper and Scotts disappointment.

Fruit Pizza 1



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