First of Many

Cooper recently had a little accident.  While walking with all the grace of a two year old he fell and hit and open door with his chin.  He managed to cut his chin and ended up with four stitches.


He was such a big boy at the hospital.  He did wonderfully.  We are lucky enough to live in a small community that has been blessed with a fantastic hospital and great doctors.  I firmly believe that we could not have had better treatment at a larger hospital. 


Cooper was actually unaffected by the whole experience.  In fact the next day he was playing in his room and I went in to put his laundry away and found him jumping on his bed.  I told him to quit jumping on the bed or he would fall off and have to go to the hospital.  He looked at me and said “Me want to go to the hospital”. 

Obviously his trauma from the stitches was very limited.


We are just glad that a few stitches was all that was required. 

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