Snow Fun


We have had a bit of snow lately and my little man can not get enough of it.  He wants to be out in it at all times and claims to never be cold.  It is providing hours of entertainment for him.  The following are some recent shots.  When we returned home from daycare he escaped from me all too quickly and was immediately playing in the snow.  After that it all went down hill. 


He loves to shovel.  Notice how he is covered in snow and has even taken his hat off, telling me he did not need it because it was hot out.  Sometimes I just have to laugh about his thought processes. 


He is very intent on moving the snow.  You just can’t let that stuff melt into the yard when you are two. 


From time to time you have to take a break from moving all that snow to crawl on top of the pile and make sure it is okay.  What fun!!!


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