Little Big Man

Tonight my husband decided to run to the grocery store in order to pick up several items.  I was ready to be forever thankful just for that simple fact, but was even further surprised when he decided to take the miniature man with him.  The miniature man however was bound and determined to be in charge of his own dress for the evening.  As you can see from the pictures he is a very dapper dresser.


Note the cowboy shirt, not tucked in might I add, as well as the boots.  These are really daddies boots but miniature man decide he would wear these to the grocery store because he has now declared himself to be a big boy.


Amazingly enough considering how much too big the boots were for him.  He was able to walk in them fairly well. 

Apparently at the store all the store clerks found his dress cute enough to call all their fellow employees so that he could be viewed by all.  Did I mention that we live in a very small town where everyone knows everyone else?


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