Snow, Snow, Snow

So we had our first real snow fall of the year beginning on Sunday evening.  Little man was so excited about it we spent about an hour outside after dark playing in the snow.  Why is it a two year old can find shoveling snow to be the most fun and interesting task while a grown adult man thinks it is one of the worst chores ranking right up there with any thing resembling “woman’s work”.  My little man can spend hours running his miniature man sized shovel, while my husband is not interested unless he can do it using some form of heavy equipment.  Now don’t get me wrong I love my husband but this need to always use the absolute biggest piece of equipment just puzzles me. 

Enough of my rant back to little man in the snow.  This is really the first snow fall he has been aware of and taken a lot of interest in.  He began playing with is broom, he was just going to sweep all that snow away.


Notice good mom that I am he is wearing cowboy boots instead of snow boot and no gloves.  I did not intend for us to be out in the snow for a long period of time.  However, as with most things I was proven wrong.  So when we switched from broom to snow shovel we added the gloves.


Looking much warmer little man!  He was so dedicated to his “snow moving”.  I just love the way that my little man can not say all his words completely correctly.  It is so cute and endearing, even though someday I will probably be taking him to see a speech therapist someday, at the age of two those kind of things are cute.

With the weather we are having our snow will probably be sticking around for a few days considering our sub zero temperatures.  This should give little man a little longer to enjoy the snow.

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